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Friday, 10 August 2012
Are we all just dolls in a plastic
grey world? (Courtesy: Looking Glass)
The other day I went for a job interview. I didn’t get the job and of course that’s disappointing, of course I could have really used the money, of course whatever, whatever. Let’s not vent too frivolously. I’d like for this to be a place of thought, not the almighty whinge. The whole interview concept is just for starters.

Essentially my point is I’m a little bit rigid, I think, in my inability to act like something I’m not. Weird since I have a degree in drama, but hey, here we are. I refuse, when push comes to shove, to be moved to prove myself, which I think is the entire purpose of changing ourselves, of putting on airs. That is quite obviously crap. And fake. Pointless! So I hate pretension when framed by dishonesty, and as far as I know I missed this job (and several others) simply because I won’t lie my way through. It’s so tragic to me that we compare ourselves to anyone else, that we give a damn at all who anyone else is and try to become what they admire. Of course this means I’m destined for a shitty future. Our entire society is standardised by definition.

Maybe this works for some. Maybe they love the challenge, the demand, or that they’re able to succeed in this so easily. Obviously some part of this is because I find it difficult, and I’m hating on the idea more than a little from resentment. But why not believe things, simply because you believe them? Why does everything we think have to be so impressive to those around us? Yes, we want to be accepted (countless research can be found on this topic, which regardless of whether the results are valuable or not, at the very least proves to us its merits of urgency through quantity alone).

Hipsters sit on the ground.
Chairs are for the boring.
(Courtesy: jdn)
Hipsters have the right idea in mind, but fail completely in practice. Sure, counter-culture is cool. Only it’s actually ‘cool’, which makes it anything but, in my mind. So if you were to follow me behind bushes you’d hear at least four stories a day of degrading and unbarred insults, all flippant jabs at philosophy made poser-ish.

Don’t think I hate the idea of NOT following social mores, but just because you don’t want to be seen a follower is ridiculous. By all means, we should strive to understand what makes us unique, how separate we are from each other. ‘Embrace your individuality’, as every English teacher and every young adult novel attests adamantly (which you might find overdone or cliché, but it’s only repeated so much because people just don’t seem to get it).

It’s all about the thought behind it. No-one really seems to believe anything anymore – I say, as if anyone ever did. I wish everyone (or a decent few, at least) would give a damn about this world, instead of simply purporting to. If the thought is genuine, it will also be original. And if it’s not the newest way of thinking that the world has ever seen, so what?

Go fly, young ones unique! Yep, take this image
VERY seriously (Courtesy: fox_kiyo)
Not saying that I get this right myself. I’m always falling short of this ridiculously Olympic-like bar I’ve raised. But I think it’s important, and I swear I’m not alone. Everyone hates a poser, right?

John "Blandness" Back