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Friday, 19 October 2012

Let's start with the why, or more correctly the 'why I won't bother explaining myself for having left for 2 months without even a letter or a five-second voicemail message to say I won't be bringing in the mail from the cold wet outdoors for some time'. It's like that moment of absolute disappointment when you hope your friends have a reason to avoid your calls only to find they've been eating chips and dip in front of trashy television screens with friends who are frankly much more interesting than you for no particular reason at all.

Things go better with Coke. Including bitter revivals
of long-uninteresting blog posts (Courtesy: wavelab.be)
Now that I've gone and filled the globe's bitterness quota for the entire year in the space of a paragraph, let's move on to some apologies. Sorry I've been so distant (read: busy OR hurting OR lazy), but let's try to move forward. Sorry I've let this place fall away so soon after the cement started to dry, but I will really try my hardest to get some walls up soon (so you know, I have a grand vision of turning this thing into a huge fantasy-esque tower. And yes, that does mean a pretty princess is waiting for me at the very top... take that how you will). Sorry I'm a crappy person, but aren't we all a little some times, so let's just keep those smiles smiling and see if we can find some beautiful things worth having.

You must be wondering why I've bothered to return though, now during the most stressful period of my life thus far. "Surely his madness has led him back to his own creation," would be my first guess, so if that was you, you deserve a prize. Go have a Coke to celebrate. The real reason is something I will discuss on Sunday night (not tonight, not tomorrow night, the night after that), but let's just say it's pretty exciting stuff. That's not to say that I'm coming back because I need my readers' help, though (although I will, so be ready for that). The unabridged truth is just that this thing has convinced me that I really need to keep updating blogs and writerly-like things such as this. I was in a bit of a 'funk' (think that awful episode of Glee except without all the crap writing and with much, much more singing), but now I'm back, baby!

And how lucky are you that I am?!

John "The Tired Undead" Back