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Saturday, 23 June 2012

So, let’s figure out what this place is and what you guys (the non-gender-specific version of ‘guys’, whereby I am not actually implying anything other than that you are people and at least occasional readers making you immediately closer to my own heart, and therefore making this a simple expression of kinship or some such casual concept. So don’t get all offended if you’re the feminist type) should expect to see. Firstly, as we can see, there will be the occasional rant. Don’t take these too seriously, unless you think there is in fact some validity to what has been said, in which case take up arms with brevity and passion and post a comment or something.

I think also there will be stories, creative things that come in the night like a unique stench or a haunting tapping noise. Perhaps not quite so affective as this, but certainly the idea will be that I will share with you the stories I’ve had on my mind, whether this is via short story, poem or whatever.

Another will be recommendations. Things I think are special, or interesting, or valuable. This includes authors and books. A few other writers have been talking about this really neat idea, which is so, so simple but apparently unthought of. It can basically be summed up as “if you read something and you like it, share it.” People have been doing this for years through borrowing books to friends and talking rabidly about the characters or twists. Why then, do we see so little of this on the great social medias? Writers need help wherever they can get it from whoever will give it, so please, be impelled by the quality of what you read to tell people about it.

Here's my book for today:

By Australian fantasy writer Margo Lanagan, Tender Morsels is dark, twisted and really quite cruel a time for its characters. A fairy tale at heart (anyone who has read the Grimm’s Snow White and Rose Red will see the strong connections at work) with the bitterness of the postmodern age and the sweetness of true magical fantasy. It may be tough, but the author, bless her soul, isn’t unforgiving. Certainly, there is plenty here to be made awkward or confronted by. Beginning with a rape scene that slams you like a falling house, the narrative of Tender Morsels stems off casual violence and bestial tendencies (in the most poetic ways, of course) before stepping so effortlessly into times so sweet, so touching and enduringly non-bitter that there is a fantastic scope of emotional variety. I’d recommend Tender Morsels to the strong-hearted who through it all still love to feel sometimes.

This is longer a review than you need to do. Even a “Have you read this book? It’s really great!” will be such wonders for an industry that’s struggling like ever. If you can find a way to pick this up, please consider it.

But back to the blog! Of course there will be more than what I’ve mentioned already. Anyone who knows me well probably suspects that I move from interest to interest like reading from a global phonebook taken page by page. Expect more to come, but I’ll try to keep it contained to the interesting parts only.

And just so you know, this was in fact me giving up on finishing this entry because frankly, it could have gone for much, much longer and was already probably longer than even medically advisable. That’s probably a good warning for you of the way things will go.