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Saturday, 30 June 2012
Hey everyone,
This isn't a proper post or anything, but I happened to see Adam Hills' show 'Inflatable' on iView this afternoon. It's not a new show: from what I know it toured way back in like 2009 or something, but it's well worth the travel back in time. Regardless of whether you think he is funny or not (I happen to be lucky enough to find his sense of humour absolutely top-notch in a very relatable and colloquial way - which, ya know, is a pretty good thing), the point of this show, or at least the meaning for the title of show, is such a beautiful and endearing concept that I'd highly recommend finding time for it.

Here's a link for anyone interested (which should be all of you):

And while I'm at it, I think people need to recognise this guy for who he is. He's basically the nicest comedian in the world (NOTE: Have not done nearly enough research for this opinion to be validated. Should probably not be trusted) and I really think he does fantastic things not just for entertainment, but for Australia and of course for the disabled. What a role model for everyone. If you're wild enough in spirit, go just a bit nuts and give this guy a round of applause. Right now, no matter where you are! And don't explain what you're applauding for to anyone, not under any circumstances. Okay, now we're getting ridiculous again. Seriously, though, if you have time, check out 'Inflatable'. I really hope people can get as much out of it as I did.


John Back said...

Edit: this was filmed in 2010, as my sources have now informed me. Hopefully they will become reliable a little quicker next time to avoid such heinous embarrassment.