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Sunday, 10 February 2013
So Valentine's Day is only a few days away now, and we all know what that means... no, not the thing about your girlfriend/boyfriend wanting to/not wanting to get all smoochy and loving (honestly, you people with your partners sicken me with jealousy!). No, of course the important part is that my story is getting napkin published in only a few days.

Now, my lovely Brisbane readers, you know what you have to do. Hop down to your local coffee shop on Thursday (assuming it's one of the 16 involved), order a coffee, a tea, a carrot cake, or whatever you'd like. If you're really dorky, you'll do what I do and order an iced Coke in a glass, but if you do that you will likely end up alone and end up most excited on Valentine's Day about 300 words on a piece of trash paper.

Sure, there's caramel. But where's
their napkin story?! (Courtesy: 3oheme)

For those who haven't memorized the list yet, here's the details again of the participating parties:

Not long now!

John Back, the loner