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Wednesday, 13 February 2013
Hello there!

I have a special treat for you today, in the form of some words and TWO pictures! Neither of these pictures are mine, but aren't they a special treat all the same?

Here's a napkin, complete with hipster novels,
coffee and doodles! (Courtesy: John Althouse Cohen)

So today is the day before Valentine's Day. Ordinarily I would have nothing to do with Valentine's, given that I'm hopelessly alone and all that. In any/every other year, it has never been unlike any other day of February -- except that I hike up the sub-conscious self-denial to unparalleled amounts, which would explain why I always feel so blissfully unaware for the entire day -- and so I've had no desire to think much of it. But this year I finally have something happening. That's right. I'm getting printed onto napkins! Naturally, since lots of girls will be touching those napkins to their lips, I'll also be counting it as a massively successful day. But enough about my delusions.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about (only the ones who haven't read my previous posts. Nobody really knows what I'm talking about), one of my stories will be appearing alongside 11 others in select coffee shops around Brisbane. Sixteen coffee shops, to be exact. The link to the list is below:

My story is called To You, though I don't want to give any more information. It's only a flash-length story, though, so by the time you decide whether you're interested or not, you'll already be finished reading! Neat, huh?

Expect mine to be equally embarrassing
but far less meaningful. Also expect
equal amounts of grammatical errors
(Courtesy: quinn.anya)

Tomorrow I will be writing a theme post for Valentine's Day, because I figure I should do things like that. And I'll include a picture of a heart, just to be a bit traditional (and what more is Valentine's good for than a little bit of traditionalism?)! Please look forward to it.

I hope everybody has a charming night and wakes up to the most sincere and beautiful of surprises... like a chocolate breakfast or something!

 John Back, the softie